Gender Inclusion – Women Entrepreneurship

Last week I attended a seminar at University of Kent, Canterbury. It’s a part of series seminars about gendered inclusion in contemporary organisation, discusses women’s role in particular organisation context and interdisciplinary perspective. One that I attended was the 5th seminar, it discussed gendered inclusion in the field of entrepreneurship.

My examiner (Dr. Huiping) informed me about the seminar, she thought it could be relevant with my research. Yes, it is. I was very excited when I read the seminar’s title. It’s quite relevant with my research about women’s entrepreneurship. And I was more mesmerized on the D-Day when read the seminars schedule: Gosh, the panels are people whom I cited most on my literature review.

Susan Marlow and Helene Ahl. Omaygat, omaygaaaat. They wrote seminal articles about women entrepreneurs. Their work is classic, must read for those do the research on women’s entrepreneurship.

As I expected, this seminar have given me broader perspective on women entrepreneurs. I had a little discussion with Susan about my research. She suggested me to consider gender perspective for my research, instead of institutional theory. Well yeah, to be honest I still have a blind spot for my research. I know that institution might affect the people’s behavior, but I still need to inquiry futher why those rules of game are different for men and women. Susan suggested me (in-line with Dr. Huiping’s suggestion) to unpack the gender role thingy from the gender perspective.

Still need a lot more reading đŸ˜…


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