Mum, dad and coffee.

This photo was taken 5 days before my dad passed away. That day, they just landed at Jakarta from Medan (a city where my dad has an ongoing airport development project). My sister picked them up from the airport and stopped by a cafe near my parent’s house. My sister took this photo.

I never imagine this could be the last time my mum and dad have a photo as couple. My dad is looked very fine in this photo. When my sister sent this photo to our family whatsapp group, I teased my parent by saying “ciyeeee…” (word usually used to tease couple that looked good together). Then I moaned to my dad that It’s been a long time since he bought me coffee, and I asked him to buy me a lot of coffee when I come back to Indonesia in the next couple months. He okayed me, and joked “Iya nanti beli pabriknya sekalian.” (“Yes, we’ll buy the (coffee) factory as well” – his tricky words that usually used to soothe me and my siblings when we throw tantrum ask him to buy something).

But he would never buy me coffee, anymore.

Oh life we never know what is ahead.

Dad, Miss you.

Mum, be strong.


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