My friend is working at the aviation industry. Now he’s a doctoral student and fellowship at an overseas university. It’s been six years since he left indonesia.

The moment ainun and habibie movie is airing in the indonesia cinema, I texted him, saying that he must watch that movie, because that film is relating to his profesional career.

It’s been two month after I suggest him.Yesterday he texted me. He said that he had watch ainun habibie.

Juglingly I asked him whether he will back to indonesia or not..

(Umm I guess I’ve put wrong duration, it’s been 10years -not 6six year- since he left indonesia. He took his master degree overseas either.)

Then he said:
“If I have to go back to indonesia, I should took hard preparation. As you’ve seen habibie facing some bad air: mafia, regime, makelar, political party, and soon. I’ve to be financially strong, so that i can’t be influenced by that bad air.

Can you remember some scenes at the movie, whenever somebody tried to bribe him, habibie always said: my royalty (from german train company and soon) is enough to supporting my life.

He is financially strong.

Habibie probably is a smart genius person (in technical matters), clean and good person, but his ability to handle intrigue and conspiracy is not very good. Then he become a scapegoat.

No matter where I live, I’m an indonesian. Do you really miss me that much ian, so you ask me whether i go home?”

– – – –

Heh! Geer.

– – – –

Then I feel a bit condolences for Indonesia. As I join faculty member, I’ve seen that indonesia has soooo many talented smart people. But there are no space or whatever to optimize or implement their skill in indonesia. They’d like to contribute for the indonesian growth, but they don’t know how to start. There are so many regulations and barriers.

And it leads to the sad ending: that talented people are not coming back to indonesia.

My professor told me a story, he had been assigned to improve garbage and waste management. Then he comparing Indonesia to Malaysia. He asked malaysian regulator how to managing waste so that malaysia turning into a pretty and clean city in a very short period (years ago, malaysia has a ‘predikat negara jorok’. but in a five years they turn into clean and neat city, as singapore).

The malaysian regulator then laughing out loud. He told that they bought the technology from Indonesian scientist.

“Your ITB scientist had propose this technology to your government (Pemda Bandung). But your government ignored the proposal. For worse your government rejected it.

Then your scientist propose to us. We saw it as an advance and cheap technology. So we agree to bought and implement this technology.

See, that’s how ur country treat the potential talent.”

– – – – –

That’s only one in a million story. How sad.


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